white patton leather shoes


I wanted to share my love for leather sneakers that can be worn year round. I just recently purchased my first pair and have been wearing them with pride.

I’ve been wearing them for a couple of years now and have never been disappointed. They are comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and they are available in a wide variety of colors.

I think my favorite is the olive brown pair in tan. They are comfortable and durable. I just wish they weren’t so high. I can wear them with any pair of jeans or shorts but they just seem to get in the way when I’m walking around in public.

I love this. I have these and the matching brown leather boots. I have never had a pair of these shoes but when I was in Spain I loved the way they looked in the airport. I wish I could get them in my size. I have a size 7 and the boots are 6.

The boots are so cute, I can’t believe no one made a leather boot with a heel. I guess I should make an olfactory blog post.

I have been looking for leather boots with a heel for a while. I found a pair at a good price a few months ago. I had to give them a resale before I could buy a pair, but I think they are perfect. They have a nice feel in the boot and they are comfortable enough that I can wear them to work. They are also long enough that I can wear them with jeans or shorts. These boots are so high quality that I can wear them anywhere.

I’m not sure this is true but people seem to have these boots with the same heel-less leather as these. I’ve always wanted to get a pair of these boots, but I never could find any that were in stock. I think they are called white patton leather shoes. I found a few at my local thrift store and they were so nice I ended up buying them and then they disappeared.

There are a couple of models. I can’t really say they are as high quality as the ones pictured here because they don’t have the same stitching or detail. But they are really good. I really prefer the blue leather model over the black leather model.

I think they are also really nice. They are the same color, but they have the same stitching type and size. They are a really nice pair of boots and I will always appreciate the nice stitching.



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