vinyl shoes


This is a big one. I recently saw a commercial for vinyl shoes that was quite interesting. The ad claimed that their shoes were made of 100% vegan leather. I think that’s a big claim, but I’ve been buying some non-vegan products for my office and the thought of having to wear something that’s made of other non-animal materials, as well as the thought of it being made from animal products (even if it is 100% vegan) just seems far too harsh.

As I mentioned above, I think that 100% vegan shoes are a really great idea. I also think that if they are made with 100% vegan leather, they can be made to look like any leather they can get their hands on. It would also be a great way to get people to switch from synthetic materials to vegan ones.

I also think that it is time vegan shoes were made to look like all types of shoes. This just sounds better than being forced to wear something else.



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