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This is the second post in my “Three Levels of Self-Awareness” series. I’ll be covering the first level, the “I”, in a future post. This post covers the “me”.

So, I’m on a beach in a sea of lavender, wearing a pair of lavender shoes. I’ve found something that looks like it might be magic. Maybe it’s the lavender and lavender flowers, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not seeing it as well as I should. The thing that is most noticeable in the video is the contrast between the lavender and the sand.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve never owned lavender shoes. I’ve only taken them out for special occasions. I used to have a pair of lavender sandals because they were the only way I could go barefoot in a public bathroom. I also had a pair of black lavender lace-up boots that I never really needed because they were so comfortable and I couldn’t tell the difference. However, I’ve gotten really good at taking out these particular shoes.

It also seems that lavender shoes are the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the video. The video is probably not the best way to describe these particular lavender sandals, but they look stunning and I can’t help but think that the sandals are the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever worn.

Black lace-up boots with a small patch of lavender is a very masculine style, and I think it’s very similar to the leather of the real leather sandals, but Ive been told by friends that leather is more durable and less abrasive to the skin. I think that the reason why the leather in the real leather sandals is softer is because the sandal’s sole is made of leather, and it’s designed to be more abrasive.

All of the leather in the real leather sandals are made in China, so they are very expensive. And most of them have a very small patch of lavender.

I don’t know if there are any other people who wear them, but I know that there is a lavender-themed clothing store in Montreal. They sell leather sandals in all kinds of colors. My wife and I wear them with jeans just like the real ones, but I wish they were more available for men.

There are many kinds of leather sandals. Some are made specifically for men. Others tend to be more versatile and are suitable for both women and men. I wear my sandals with sandals when I am on the beach.

I got a pair of lavender leather sandals from the guy at the store. When I bought the ones he sent, they were way too big. I bought them in the same store where I got the sandals. He gave me a pair that were a little bit smaller, but the size I got was perfect for me. I love the way they feel when I wear them. I have them in all sorts of colors like deep purple, deep pink, pale green, and dark green.

And Lavender is the official color of the company.



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