dc womens shoes


So many women have been inspired to take their self-awareness to the next level by these shoes. This is not solely a “I am a woman” thing, but a “I am a woman with a new found sense of self.” This is not your typical pair of sneakers or anything.

The shoes are not your typical pair, but actually they are very stylish. On the outside, they have a classic black and white design that runs the length of the shoe, and they also feature a black leather upper. Inside, the shoes are made of a super-slim mid-foot platform that has a nice heel and toe.

The whole shoe is also very comfortable, but I think it’s the fact that you are sitting so high in the air that makes them so comfortable. The mid-foot platform makes it much easier to keep your feet on the ground and walk. The heel is high to ensure that your feet will never slip, and the sole is light and flexible to give you a better grip on things.

The shoes feature a very nice leather upper (made out of the same material used by UFC fighters), a comfortable mid-foot platform, and an extremely comfortable and cushioned sole. The color is also very nice and you can really see why they are popular with MMA fighters.



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