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At just about the time you might get bored with your high heels, the chance that you will get bored with your shoes just about hits you. I have to admit, my first reaction was not the shoes, but how in the heck am I going to wear them at the very beginning of the summer. I couldn’t decide how to wear them, so I let the idea float around in my mind for a day. It was then that the shoe gods spoke.

The shoes are made by the same company that made the original Vahn shoes, and their style is still pretty much the same. They are made with suede uppers that have a thick heel. For the first time ever, they have actual heels. The shoes are a bit too tight, but who cares? They have the same kind of style as the original Vahn shoes, and again they are made with suede uppers.

The new Vahn shoes look as good as ever, and I really want some of those shoes. I think they are great. They are pretty cheap, and I also think they would look really good paired with a nice belt.

Vahn’s own shoes are also very similar and have similar styles. The only one I have from the original pair that is new is the Vahn’s black pair, which I had as a kid. I have a pair of the original Vahn shoes from when I was a kid that was pretty much just as great as the new ones.

I am not a fan of the suede uppers. I think they just look cheap and flimsy and I have no problem with socks, but uppers just don’t seem to fit me properly.

I really like the Vahn shoes and have a pair myself. Not only are they really cool, but they are also incredibly comfy. The Vahns shoes are one of the only pairs I have that are not overly expensive. The only pair of Vahn shoes that I have is the black pair. If you go to Amazon there are a bunch of colors to pick from.

I’ll say more about my shoe thoughts later, but the really weird thing about the Vahn shoes is that they’re the only pair of shoes that cost more than $50. I’m not sure if it’s just the price or if its because I’m a cheapos, but there is something about the Vahn shoes that makes me feel like I’m wearing a pair of cheapo shoes. Maybe that’s not the right word, but they do feel cheap to me.

Of course, it comes with a downside, as they’re also the only shoes that I wear if I happen to be wearing flip flops. I’ve had them for years, but they’re starting to show some wear and tear. I dont know if its the shoes or the fact that I never wear flip flops, but I have a hard time imagining myself wearing such shoes again.

The Vahn shoes are the first new pair I got last summer. I bought them because I just thought the flip flops were the worst pair of shoes for walking in. I just thought they were a waste of money and I would never wear them. Well, I now have them and I couldn’t be happier. I like them so much I decided to wear them on my feet all the time.

I had two pairs of flip flops, one pair for work and one pair for travel. I got the flip flops at a thrift store for 50 bucks that were broken in. I just threw them in a bag of shoe parts and walked away from them. I wore them from the time I could walk and I never had to repurchase them. The Vahn shoes have great traction and a great heel, but its the construction that makes them feel like something else.



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