closed toe platform shoes


This is another one of those words that seem to be in a lot of people’s minds, but is one of those things that, when you try them on, they actually look a whole lot better than they do in photos. This is a big one for me because not many people are comfortable wearing closed toe platform shoes. If you are, I can highly recommend that you at least go to the shoe store to see if they carry them.

The closed-toe platform shoes are those shoes that seem to have a lower arch and a more flexible sole. The idea is that you can wear them while you walk, without your foot coming off the ground. The problem with this is it is not exactly comfortable, and it does not have the durability needed for long term wear. The thing is, they do look pretty cool for a while, so it might actually be worth trying.

I have yet to try these out, but I’m definitely interested anyway. If you can’t find them at your local shoe store, please let me know.



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