colorful shoes

I recently went to a store that had shoes in their shoe rack. Of course, the shoes were not the right color. I went back to the store and spoke to the sales person. “Do you know that the right shoe color is not the color of the shoe itself, but the color of the...More Please

roxy surf shoes

The most common mistake new homeowners make is choosing the wrong pair of shoes. Why is this so common? We don’t realize the many benefits that come from choosing the right pair of shoes. I have noticed that once I have made a decision about my shoes, I rarely get to make a change. I’ve...More Please

oboz shoes womens

I am obsessed with the “o” word. I love oboz shoes womens because I own one of the best brands in the women’s sneaker fashion industry. Their shoes are so iconic, you won’t be able to leave the house without them on. The shoes of this brand are the absolute definition of luxury. They are...More Please

toddler vans shoes

You’ll find some amazing toddler shoes under the toddler shoes category, but this is the most adorable toddler shoe I’ve seen. This toddler shoe is adorable and has a cute little heel. I mean, I like the idea. And I do love the idea of a toddler shoe, but I have a really hard time...More Please
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